Blood Thinners Names

By | February 13, 2016

Attached is a list of the most commonly prescribed blood thinners names to be aware of when triaging and determining the most appropriate level of care and facility for transport when dealing with patients that may fall under trauma criteria depending on local protocols. I designed this list to be both compact and informative so it can be easily printed out and either taped to a protocol book, or placed within the rig for easy access. If you for some reason disagree with the contents of this list, believe the information is incomplete or can think of commonly prescribed blood thinners names that I may have neglected please feel free to contact me using the contact form page.

Blood Thinners Names


Trade Name/ Generic Name- Mechanism of Action

Coumadin/ Warfarin- Inhibits Vitamin K- Dependent Clotting Factor
Pradaxa/ Dabigatran- Thrombin Inhibitor
Xarelto/ Rivaroxaban- Factor XA Inhibitor
Eliquis/ Apixaban- Factor Xa Inhibitor
Savaysa, Lixiana/ Edoxoban- Factor Xa Inhibitor
Persantin/Dipyridamole- inhibits phosphodiesterase enzymes
Aggrenox,Asasantin/ Acetylsalicylic acid/dipyridamole- Aspirin and Dipyridamole (see above)
Lovenox, Clexane, Oksapar/Enoxaparin sodium- Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Hep-lock, Hep-pak/Heparin- Thrombin inhibition
Pletal/Cilostazol- inhibits phosphodiesterase enzymes

Antiplatelets (P2Y12 Inhibitors)

Plavix/ Clopidogrel
Effient/ Prasugrel
Brilinta/ Ticagrelor

Ticlid/Ticlopidine- ADP Receptor Inhibitor (less commonly used)


Blood Thinners Names



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