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EMT Acute Myocardial Infarction

EMT Acute Myocardial Infarction Pathophysiology There are many misconceptions regarding Acute Myocardial Infarctions, more commonly referred to as “heart attacks” by the layperson. Many who do not possess medical knowledge or have a limited background in medicine have misconceptions about what a heart attack truly is. This article will address this commonly misrepresented pathologic process… Read More »

EMT Heart Failure

EMT Heart Failure EMT Heart Failure: everything you need to know and more to crush your National Registry, and impress your colleagues. EMT Pathophysiology- Heart Failure This article will address one of the more commonly found cardiac pathologies seen in many of our patients both prehospitally and in the ED. Regardless of whether Heart Failure… Read More »

Trace Billy Blood Drop Through The Body

Trace Billy Blood Drop Through The Body In determining fundamental EMT-Basic level Cardiology knowledge many employers, during their interview process, will request you to trace the path a “drop” of blood will take in completing a full circuit through the circulatory system. This question comes in many forms, but one common somewhat lighthearted way to… Read More »

Basic Heart Anatomy

Basic Heart Anatomy This guide will help to break down basic heart anatomy, or more medically correct “cardiac” anatomy, into simple understandable terms that will assist you in your pursuit of knowledge in the medical field.   Chambers The heart is broken up into four separate compartments or chambers. The two compartments that rest closest to the… Read More »

Blood Thinners Names

Attached is a list of the most commonly prescribed blood thinners names to be aware of when triaging and determining the most appropriate level of care and facility for transport when dealing with patients that may fall under trauma criteria depending on local protocols. I designed this list to be both compact and informative so… Read More »